Here at Post Vintage we are proud to be able to offer a wide range of restoration services. Whether it is a full ground up restoration, an engine overhaul or just modifications and modernisation for your cherished Aston Martin, Post Vintage offer a range of services to suit.

Any restoration is a journey, for both the owner of the car and the highly skilled craftsmen working on the project. Communication and a close relationship between the two are crucial in ensuring a successful restoration. It can be a long (and expensive) journey, and as such, it is vital that both parties have input and share the experience to ensure that the quality of the car delivered exceeds expectations and delivers a car of which everyone involved is equally proud.

The skills employed are true to the original manufacturing process used, painstakingly hand building each and every part of the car, from the engine to the trim. These are maintained to produce a car which is true to its heritage but can also be enhanced by some newer materials and modern processes. These can optimise the end product, producing a car which is better performing and is protected against deterioration.

Conversions to left or right hand drive, as appropriate, can also be carried out, as can modernisation. Whether it be power steering, satellite navigation, a music system or Bluetooth hands free kit, here at Post Vintage, we are able to provide you with a classic car with modern day conveniences, for improved usability on today’s busy roads in today’s busy lifestyles.


From the very first bolt to be removed, through to rebuilding, repainting and final road testing, Post Vintage is here to provide assistance and guidance in decision making, provide updates of progress and finally support and service facilities once the project is complete.

There is a wealth of information on our website, detailing examples of current projects which we have underway and past projects which are now complete. This will help to give any potential customer the knowledge required to see what is involved and to identify their individual needs and requirements and ultimately what type of restoration project is desired.


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